Senior Companion Program

Senior Companion Program

To have a friend, to be a friend. That is the essence of the Senior Companion Volunteer Program. To an older person living alone, a regular visit from a Senior Companion Volunteer can ease the loneliness and isolation too often felt in an impersonal world. For the volunteer it’s a chance to bolster self-esteem, meet new people and get that special feeling that comes from helping others.

Senior Companion Volunteers:

  • Are overĀ 60 years of age
  • Service 16 hours per week
  • Enjoy helping others

As a Senior Companion , you’ll receive:

  • Pre-service and on-going training
  • Annual physical examination
  • Accident and personal liability insurance
  • Help with transportation costs

Those Helped by a Senior Companion receive:

  • Assistance with daily tasks that have become difficult to do because of age or health.
  • A friendship that can last a lifetime.

There is no cost to the individual that receives services from the program. To learn more about becoming a Senior Companion or requesting help from a Senior Companion call 308-865-5675.

Senior Companion Success Story

Several years ago, the Health and Human Services Committee held a hearing in Lincoln aimed at eliminating funding to various programs. The Senior Companion Volunteer Program was one of those being looked at. *Nancy, a Senior Companion in Kearney, shared what the program meant to her and the people she served. We felt that it was Nancy’s testimony that touched the hearts of those on the committee and helped saved the program from being cut. Senior Companions are a valuable resource to our communities.
*Name has been changed to protect customer privacy.